How Google Hummingbird Effects Search Traffic

Google recently launched Google Hummingbird which has the potential to effect your search traffic substantially. There has been a potentially significant shift in search with the release of Google Hummingbird. Rand Fishkin does an excellent job at explaining the relevance of this in simple terms in this week’s Whiteboard Friday video. After you’ve taken a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the conversation I’ll provide some context below the content.

Google Hummingbird Effecting Search Traffic

Where to Focus as a Result of Google Hummingbird

Long tail keywords in the past have been a great way to grab some extremely targeted traffic and buyers to your website. Occasionally it actually made a lot of sense to target middle to long range keyword phrases because the traffic was so profitable. With the release of Google Hummingbird, that tactic may become a much less effective strategy for sales and traffic.

My advice is to focus your energy on creating quality content that has the ability to become a resource on a particular topic of discussion. If your content becomes the authoritative go-to content, is very well put together, and provides great context for the topic – you’ll likely gain a lot of additional traffic from the content from multiple keyword sources.

What has really changed as a Result of Google Hummingbird

The big change here is the focus towards the quality of content (in context) to an idea. Previously you could product a lot of relatively low quality content and target keywords specifically to reach those queries. If Google’s engineers are as good as they are – that will probably go away shortly. Your content strategies need to be centered around adding extreme value to the market.

Rand’s example in the video is a good one and makes a lot of perfect sense. The keys to quality content haven’t changed – but your thought process around what type of content you should be creating should change as a result of Hummingbird’s implementation. Think about serving the client (the searchers) needs. Put yourself in their shoes, thing of all the possible questions they may have for that given topic, and organize that into an excellent resource that can attract a lot of traffic, links, and be a true valuable asset to the market.